People to People International – and European Council HQ

People to People International (PTPI) enhances understanding and trans-national friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities. We do this by focusing on exchanging ideas and experiences among people of different countries and diverse cultures.

PTPI was established on September 11, 1956, by then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower. After he left the Oval office in 1961, he arranged to have the organization privatized and, thus, become non-governmental (NGO). The Global HQ is located in Kansas City, Missouri, the European HQ is in Berlin and the Belgian and European Council office is registered in Brussels.

PTPI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Mary Jean Eisenhower, grand-daughter of the former US President. Mary was a student at the American School of Brussels during her father’s appointment as Ambassador to Belgium

There has been a PTPI chapter in Belgium since 1970, providing many of the core activities shared by all the others, which operate in 130 countries. PTPI funding comes from members, partners and sponsors.

Our programs allow adults, children and the young to connect with like-minded individuals and spread peace through understanding at home or abroad.

In the name of international understanding and friendship, PTPI invites you to get involved in our network. Chapters think globally and act locally, bringing our ideals to life in communities around the world. But we can’t do it without people. So why not join us on our journey? Along the way, you’ll form life-long friendships, expand your knowledge of other cultures and increase tolerance and respect among the world's people through direct people-to-people contacts.

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